Do you run a distributed company or team?

Matt Westgate and I started Lullabot as a distributed company back in 2006. We’ve now got almost 50 employees spread out across 6 countries. It's been an exciting journey in which we've built a great culture, a solid reputation, and we've built some very high-profile websites. Along the way we’ve had to invent solutions for a myriad of challenges you face as a distributed company. Communication, culture, healthcare and benefits, recruiting, taxes, payroll, management styles, etc — it’s just not the same as a conventional company.

We’re not the only distributed company out there. We’re not the largest, oldest, or the most well-known distributed company. Others have come up with their own unique solutions to similar challenges.

We thought it would be great to get some of these companies together to compare notes and share what we’ve all learned. We’re calling it “Yonder” and it’s a roundtable-style discussion event for owners and leaders of distributed companies and teams. We’re keeping it small — just 25 people — invitation-only and focused on owners and leaders of distributed companies.

Let’s get together and talk about the future of work. I hope you’ll join us!

Jeff Robbins
Co-founder & CEO, Lullabot

The Venue

Attendees of Yonder will enjoy relaxation and lively discussions with their peers at the beautiful Loews Coronado Bay hotel in San Diego, CA.

Loews CoronadoBay
  • Loews Coronado Bay
  • Loews Coronado Bay
  • Loews Coronado Bay

The Agenda

January 28th & 29th, 2014

We expect to have about 10 or 12 companies represented at Yonder. Each company will have an opportunity to do a 15 to 20-minute introduction outlining their unique challenges and wins for managing a distributed workforce. We’ll follow each presentation with a 30-40 minute discussion. Presentations and the discussions that follow them may cover some of the following topics ...

  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Communication methods & tech
  • When to meet face-to-face
  • Building legitimacy
  • Building intimacy, culture & loyalty
  • Distributed vs. remote
  • Product vs. service businesses
  • IRS & legal issues
  • Timezones & calendar issues
  • Distributed “not-a-fit” examples
  • Scaling distributed teams
  • Management styles
  • Distributed project management
  • Distributed nomenclature
  • Lessons for collocated companies

Participating Companies

The list of companies who will help make the the first Yonder awesome is growing! Want to have your company be part of the discussion? Space is extremely limited, so be sure to request an invite to Yonder below right away!

Join us at Yonder 2014

This is not a conventional conference. It’s a roundtable discussion for founders, owners, CEOs, and other company leadership. It's a chance for distributed organizations to come and get on the same page so that we can move industries in the right direction. If you'd like to be considered for an invitation, please fill out this form.

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